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  1. Too Strong was one of the first rap crews in Germany. In the crew was founded by Pure Doze and DJ Zonic. Later Der Lange and DJ Broke joined the crew. Their first release was the "Rabenschwarze Nacht EP" in In DJ Broke and DJ Zonic left Too Strong and Funky Chris was the new member as the DJ of Too Strong. In Der Lange left.
  2. Jul 16,  · This type of shock causes a strong emotional response and may cause physical responses as well. The focus of this article is on the multiple causes of physiologic shock.
  3. May 08,  · Shock is a life threatening condition that usually results from severe physiological stress and/or the lack of sufficient blood flow. Any injured person can go into shock. To prevent or reduce harm from shock, you must treat an injured person appropriately.
  4. On the battlefield, hypovolemic shock due to loss of blood from wounds or burns will be the primary type of shock present. If not properly treated, shock can be fatal. The procedures used to treat shock are also used to help prevent shock from occurring. PREVENT SHOCK. Keep the Casualty From Being Too Warm or Too Cool. In warm weather, move.
  5. new paradigm of seeing shock in 5 stages instead of only three (2 stages of pre-shock and 3 stages of actual shock). In this new classification (not accepted by anyone right now, I must divulge) there might be opportunities to diagnose and treat patients much earlier and prevent shock altogether, or even correct shock when it is at an earlier.
  6. Hall emochinvorjothigh.sirosicartamaduckbamilzambgicdi.cot G, Wood LDH. Principles of Critical Care. CHAPTER 20 SHOCK Chapter 20 SHOCK KEITH R. WALLEY LAWRENCE D.H. WOOD KEY POINTS • Shock is present when there is evidence of multisystem organ hypope fusion; it often presents as reduced mean blood pressure.
  7. feature of shock. However, patients may present with hypertension or swings of hyper and hypotension as their physiology decompensates. Alternatively, patients who ‘live” at higher blood pressure ranges may present with a “normal” systolic and mean arterial pressures reading but .
  8. cardiogenic shock - right sided failure presents as. 1. systemic venous congestion 2. peripheral edema 3. increased CVP and JVD 4. normal to low PCWP. septic shock - general info. 1. systemic response to infection 2. MASSIVE vasodilation (the bucket is too big) 3. leaky vessels 4. decreased SVR, CVP and PCWP. anaphylactic shock - general info.

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